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About Us

The VA Black Business Directory (VABBD) was founded in Northern Virginia

The VA Black Business Directory (VABBD), founded in 2020 by Ernisha & Tracey Hall as a non-profit organization with a focus on increasing the overall support of black-owned businesses throughout the DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) area. Our goal as an organization is to ensure that VABBD directory members thrive and achieve generational wealth by creating entrepreneurship opportunities. The VABBD is a community improvement economic development organization focused on capacity building and sustainability of small business.

According to The State of Working America, there are currently 2.6 million black-owned businesses in America. However, eight out of 10 fail within the first 18 months due to lack of resources and funding. The VA Black Business Directory (VABBD) recognizes that recycling black dollars into black-owned businesses generates wealth within a community that has historically and unfairly continued to be marginalized due to lack of business funding and access to capital to remain open during economically challenging and successful times.

To date, the VA Black Business Directory (VABBD) has continued to increase business memberships through various opportunities. In 2020, we were interviewed by ABC News for a special feature highlighting, “Buying Black,” and the success of Fredericksburg Regional Black Restaurant Week, the Fredericksburg Food Truck Festival, and the Virginia Black Business Expo. That same year, the House of Delegates presented the VA Black Business Directory with a House Resolution (HR 604) for Fredericksburg Regional Black Restaurant Week (FXBGbrw) to express admiration for the contribution and success of black-owned restaurants in the Fredericksburg area.

As of April 2022, we have more than 1200 members representing 1421 organizations and businesses listed in the directory. The VABBD's long term goal is celebrate the success of our members and to aide in eliminating systemic racism while increasing visibility to entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations creating change for our community. Have additional questions, click here to learn more about us. 

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